Entry #11

A little something something

2011-08-18 17:24:51 by Griffonzo

Wow, I havent posted in two years, but im lazy enough to stare at the tank everyday. OOPSIEDOODLES.

Well, I havent been "not-productive", but up to a point where I have nothing to submit to NG. However, i've been getting a kick in the pants after visiting Ringling College. Now Im threatened to slap together a neat and polished portfolio less than five months. Nerve-wracking. So Im up and about again, whoopie! While I dont got much to show, heres misc. things I've done for games and for simple practice.



Im getting down some ideas for animating, but right now Im getting dem art skillz refined. I'll post something when it looks close enough to classy. Stay new, oldgrounds.

A little something something


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